Privacy Police

The present data privacy warranty applies specifically and exclusively to Everlux’s service.

The internet is a fabulous communication tool! It’s significance in our lives grows exponentially on a daily basis, as with just a simple click we have the world at our feet. People become closer, experiences are shared more quickly. Society is evolving at a galloping pace.

For all these reasons and so that all develop further confidence in this means of communication it is important to Everlux that all its service users and webpage visitors are rest assured that their data is being handled whilst respecting confidentiality.

When we ask you to supply personal information such as your name, address, phone number, academic qualifications, etc. the purpose is to keep a closer relationship with our users. With your registration in our website, we address you by your first name, and become closer to you so that we may answer your needs or requests in a more efficient way.

If, for any reason, Everlux feels the need to update this privacy policy, you shall be the first to know.

Everlux provide assurance that this information WILL NOT be used in any listings with promotional purposes via email or telephone, nor will it be released to any other organisation or company.

Everlux offers assurance that it will do all possible to safeguard all data and will ensure that all efforts are made to invest in the relevant technology to make your online experience safer on a daily basis and reinforce its online relationships.

Should you require further clarification regarding this warranty please do not hesitate to contact us.