Photoluminescent Anti-Vandal Everlux Vinyl

Product Description
Photoluminescent self-adhesive PVC film, 0.29 mm thick, antistatic surface and easy to clean.

Fixing System
The successful installation and application of self-adhesive safety signs is heavily influenced by a number of factors including the type of surface and its preparation prior to application. The receiving surface should be smooth, even, non-porous and free from dust, grease and loose material.
To prepare the surface before application it is advisable that it is cleaned using a quick-drying degreasing agent. Application on rough, porous or uneven surfaces is not recommended.
Ultra-destructible vinyl signage is recommended to be installed in locations where strong resistance to tearing or to destruction is desired, when attempting to remove signs, thus discouraging vandalism.
During application of the product, the room temperature must be equal or greater than +5°C.
Once installed, the product tolerates a temperature variation between -10°C and + 110°C.

The quality of   products is ensured by a rigorous process of quality control with our own laboratory conducting in-house testing whilst observing all applicable norms.

Dimensions, Pictograms and Colours
The products are in conformity with our catalogue and according to the relevant National and International Norms and Legislation.

High quality gloss paint with UV resistance.

The products do not require any particular attention other than to periodically wipe clean either with a dry clean cloth or damp cloth. Do not use detergents.

Health and Safety
The product does not contain any radioactive substances.
In terms of toxicity all products are considered as "safe” in accordance with EN 71-3).

Customized projects
We offer a wide range of products with different types of adhesives, mechanical resistance and thicknesses.

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